Most metals can be coated on glass, metal or polymer surfaces for use as broadband reflectors. The most common metallic coatings are: aluminum, silver, gold, copper, nickel, and platinum. OFS also coats tin, chrome, titanium and hafnium metals. The metallic coatings can be supplied as bare metal or protected with a dielectric material to reduce handling and cleaning problems. All the protected coatings will meet or exceed the durability requirements of MIL-M-13508. The metallic coating can be supplied as a first or second surface reflector.

OFS provides a variety of metalized coatings for your application. Custom coatings and derivations of standard coatings are also available.

Aluminum, Bare, protected and enhanced: These coatings can be optimized for first or second surface characteristics. They can be coated on either flat or curved surfaces.

Gold, Bare, protected and enhanced: Gold coatings for various optics. Protected gold combines the reflective characteristics of gold with the durability of oxide coatings. Silver, Bare, protected and enhanced: Silver coatings for various optics and reflectors. Using special binders, our silver coatings are extremely robust. Protected silver coatings will pass mild abrasion tests. Enhanced silver coatings will boost reflective performance to over 99%.

Chrome: Often use as a binder or for photolithography masters, OFS can apply chrome for semi-transparently or to full opacity. Using proprietary methods, we can vary the reflectance characteristics of the first or second surface.

  • Titanium
  • Nickel
  • Copper
  • Platinum

Neutral Density Filters: Neutral density (ND) coatings decrease the intensity of light without significantly altering the relative spectral distribution of the energy. An ND filter is used to filter the entire visible spectrum evenly, allowing light reduction, without influencing color or contrast. Attenuation is accomplished by using a thin-film metal coating that combines absorption and reflection. ND filters obtain their optical density by depositing a metal alloy coating onto a specific type of substrate, which is determined by the wavelength region of interest. ND filters are designed for your application. The amount of attenuation is produced according to specification.

ITO Coatings: These coatings are electrically conductive, transparent (when compared to other metals) and can be etched. The innovation behind this coating is that it has the properties of both a metal and a refractory oxide. They are used in flat panel displays and other applications where electrical current must be routed without significantly degrading transmission. OFS provides a variety of options in ITO coatings, including index matched and anti-reflective ITO coatings. For this reason, it is also included on our dielectric page.

Please contact us for details on these coatings.