OFS provides a variety of custom thin film coating services, including anti-reflection (AR), conductive coatings, metallic and dielectric coatings. Thin film coatings are extremely thin layers of materials, which can be applied to the surface of a substrate. There are many substrate types, such as glass, diamond turned or polished metals, polymers, membranes or IR material. A coating is applied to the substrate surface to change its optical properties. Effects such as a reflection or anti-reflection, refraction or and conductivity can be accurately produced by expert manipulation of the number of layers and the respective thicknesses of the thin film coatings.

With a proven track record for quality, innovation, and quick response, OFS is the preferred supplier for an ever expanding customer base. As always, our pricing will remain extremely competitive. Call us now or email us your RFQs. R&D or OEM work is welcome!

Thin film coatings are challenging. OFS engineers are thin film specialists. Our staff is capable of producing standard coatings with high yields and developing new and innovative coatings for an ever expnding range of applications. Thin film designs are engineered using specialized software that models the coating with great rpecision. QC is ccomplished using a Perkin Elmer Lamda 9.